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At EARS, our mission is to "rescue, care for and prevent cruelty to all domestic animals until they are adopted,…

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EARS Animal Rescue Sanctuary, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that rescues, shelters, and cares for abandoned, abused, lost and stray dogs and cats until they are returned to their home, are adopted or reach the end of their natural lives. EARS is a "no-kill", care-for-life rescue aiding both cats and dogs in Sarasota, Englewood, Venice and Charlotte and Desoto County.






Why to adopt a Senior Pet


         As you mature into your late 50's and into your 60's your are considered a senior. Beside social security, pensions and retirement you find more gray in your hair, your sight is not so good, your hearing is not what it used to be and you take more naps during the day and get up earlier. You may find that trips to the bathroom are even more frequent and you can remember the days you could go all day and party all night. You find yourself less tolerant as well which makes you bit "cranky or cantankerous". Yep, you are a senior. Should we cast you aside? You have aches and pains you never did before and move slower. Should we put you down or out of your "misery"? Of course not! You still  play golf, bocce, meet friends for dancing or a game of cards..... you still have life in you to live though you are a bit slower and have a few aches and pains and may need medications. You still have much to offer to all of us, love to give.  

           At the age of 8 a dog or cat is considered a "senior". Yet they too have much love to give and life left in them to share. They too need love and so what, they too may need a few more medications to get them through the day.


             As you find yourself advancing into your senior years you may find that a senior dog or cat may fit your life style better than a kitten or puppy. In most cases an older dog or cat has already been through the "house breaking/kitty litter training" period. Older dogs are not going to eat your shoes, get into the trash or trash your furniture with its teething and chewing. With either you have no idea what it will become whereas with an older pet what you see is what you get. Going for a walk with an older dog is just that, a walk, and not a race down the street. Both older pets are fine being left for a few hours alone without you have to worry about racing back home to make sure the puppy gets out and not going out in your house and the kitten hasn't climbed the curtains and neither has re-arranged and redecorated the house.


              A senior, whether it is a dog, cat or human still has much love and life to share with all of us. So, if you are looking to adopt a pet I ask that you consider our many senior pets that are often forgotten in rescue. Take a chance!!!! Yes, you may only have that pet for a very short time but who knows what you may have missed out on. If you can't adopt try fostering a senior pet. Give that senior pet love in its later stages of life. You might be the only one who ever has. As with the many senior people we share our lives with, senior pets have much to teach us too.

Written by Dawn Penwell





EARS Animal Intake Facility


 We are pleased to announce that our Animal Intake Facility, located 2021 Englewood Rd., Suite A in Englewood is now open Tuesday through Friday from 1:30 to 4:30 by appointment  for cat and kitten adoptions. The need to find loving "forever" homes for the facility's residents is at an all time high, and as a result normal adoption fees have been greatly reduced in price. Cats over 1 year old are now $35 and kitten are $50. Each cat or kitten is Veterinarian Certified healthy, spayed and neutered, tested for FIV and FELV, have had all of their shots, microchipped, dewormed and treated with flea medication. We also trim nails and cleans ears on each animal before adoption. For appointments please call Petra at 941-883-1713.

Regular adoptions will continue at the EARS Adoption Center at 145 Dearborn St., Englewood.