About Us

Englewood Animal Rescue Sanctuary is an organization which dedicates itself to realistic care-for-life goals. We are aligning with other humane organizations to promote maximum adoption of friendly-healthy pets; to better educate the public on responsible pet ownership; to provide low-cost spay/neuter programs; to micro-chip and bring current vaccinations to pets in our program; and ultimately create a respected care-for-life facility on our 25 acre Kings Highway site.

Care-for-Life or No-Kill

“Care-for-life” and “No-Kill” means that animals are never put to sleep except when an animal is physically suffering or a threat to humans and no humane alternative exists. Every year millions of dogs and cats (thousands within our own community) are systematically put down simply because someone, somewhere did not care enough to make a serious life commitment.

Care-for-life is a separate version of No-kill that provides life-care for pets entrusted to EARS through wills and trusts. Pets acquired on a No-kill basis remain eligible for adoption.