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5 Signs You Need to Take Your Lovely Dogs to a Vet

The health of your pets must be critical to you because you do not want to lose any of them. If you treat your dogs as less important beings, be sure natural forces will get away with them. They can die when you least expect it, and you will have only yourself to blame. If you are a little lucky, you will be able to save them after spending lots of money. If you think this is too much for you, it is much better you work with a reliable pet adoption manager to find another responsible parent whenever you want to take over this responsibility from you.

However, until you close the deal, you must ensure your pet is healthy, which means you must still know when to call your vet. Here are the symptoms that you should know to avoid making costly mistakes if you are a pet owner.

Abnormal Bathroom Habits

Your dogs cannot talk, so you must be wise and take the appropriate action when you notice some strange changes in their bathroom habits. A significant difference in the texture, color, or smell of their feces, for example, should be a clear indicator that things are not okay. In most cases, this is a sign of a wide variety of health conditions and diseases, including allergies, bacteria, virus, intestinal parasites, poisoned food, organ problems, and more.

It is okay to allow some time to see how the changes progress. The body of your dog can deal with many health problems naturally. However, if the trend does not change within a few hours, you should not wait any longer. But there are times when you should immediately act. When you notice lots of blood in the stool or too much diarrhea, you may not need to wait for any further signs.

Vomiting Regularly

Vomiting is another serious sign of a health problem, primarily if it occurs more than twice with 24 hours. Your dogs can vomit when they have a stomach upset or have eaten a type of food that they are not used to. This is a common condition and often resolves naturally within 12 hours. However, when the problem continues beyond this period, you are supposed to call your vet to assist you.

Loss of Appetite

When you notice that your pet is no longer eating well, you need to take that seriously too. Indeed, some pets do not have huge appetites. However, your dog must eat regularly and also have a keen interest in food. If this problem persists for one or two days, it could be a sign of a lethal condition or an injury in the mouth.

Bald Patches or Loose Fur

If you notice that your dog is losing hair, move closely to assess whether they are suffering from flea or tick infestation. Have at the back of your mind that many other parasites can also cause this problem as well. You cannot see some of them with your naked eye.

Remember that you cannot travel with your dog in peace when he is losing hair because your audience may fear that the disease may spread to them or their pets. Visit a website all about pet travel to learn more on this if you are concerned about how you can treat this condition or travel with them without any problems. If you are not sure what you need to do, you are encouraged to call your vet for guidance and recommendation. 

Extra Tired

How can you tell when your dog is more tired than usual? This can be a challenging task, indeed, mainly if they are used to an inactive lifestyle. But you can think about a few essential things. Consider one or two activities that the pet always love doing. If the pet has lost interest in it, and it spends most of the time sleeping or resting, you can conclude that something is not right. 

Too much tiredness can be a sign of a myriad of health complications. If you can combine it with other symptoms, such as pale gums, weight loss, loss of appetite, etc., it is wise you bring a well-trained vet to examine your dog’s health.

Final Thoughts

It is undeniable that responsible dog parents know what is normal for pet parents. They can notice any slight changes in their behaviors. These can mean many things. Sometimes, your pet may go undergoing some physiological life changes just as humans do. At other times, they are tired and need to rest to regain their energy. But there are instances when these changes are signs of severe health problems. Despite the lack of a clear cutline, you are supposed to know when to call your veterinary officer. Use these tips to increase your chances of detecting any problems and taking the appropriate action. 

The 5 Excellent Ways To Keep Your Dog Fit And Healthy

You will be surprised to find that most dog owners find their pups huggable and cute when they are fat and chubby. In fact, some will even brag of how their dogs have great looks. This might be a joy which will only last for few months after which their dogs will start struggling with obesity among other food-related disorders.

As a pet owner, it’s important to note that eating heavily is different from active appetite. So, when your pup has a great appetite, this does not mean that he is already in a good health condition. 

Your dog will depend on you for almost everything to live a healthy and happy life. So it upon you to be on the lookout especially on the dog’s body language and signal since they will help you know what your pup needs at a given time.  

So, if you are looking forward to raising a healthy and happy dog which will always be in great shape, then consider following these fundamental guidelines.

1. Provide Your Dog A Well-Balanced, Nutritious Diet

As a dog owner, if you are looking forward to having a healthy and physically fit dog, then you should provide her with a nutritious diet. A perfect diet should be that which mimics their natural feeding habits in the wild like the raw food formulas.  

These primal formulas are rich in proteins and are capable of providing your dog with enough amino acids, calcium, active enzymes, and fatty acids, which are vital for healthy growth. Furthermore, if you are planning to include raw food to your pet’s food, then consider checking a transition guide which is a helpful tool in making a healthy and safe swap.

2. Engage Your Dog In Daily Training And interactive Play

This is one of the most excellent ways you should put into place if you want your pup to remain healthy and fit. This can be done by introducing stimulating toys like the puzzle ball that holds some treats. This way, you will be able to keep your dog occupied when you are not around. It will also help your dog exercise more just within the house.

Also, maintaining a daily training routine is an excellent way to ensure that the commands remain fresh in the mind of your dog. In fact, a repetitive command will help in creating a strong bond between you and your dog, foster clear communication and also build positive behavioral traits.

3. Take Your Yet For Annual Check-ups

The same way we as human go for medical check-ups, this is the same case which should happen with our dog. This way, we will be able to keep our dogs up to date with all the required boosters, vaccines, and physical examinations. A check-up will give you that peace of mind that your pup is still in full shape condition.

Furthermore, a Vet should be the only person who should guide you on the best physical exercise that suites best your dog and the best diet you should offer to your lovely pet.

4. Take Your Dog Outside And Exercise

 Every time you take your pup outdoor, you will notice how much he blossoms with joy as he enjoys and explores the world. Of importance to note is that, before embarking on any activity, it is crucial to check on how much exercise a given breed needs per day. This way, you will be able to know the amount of exercises your pup need to remain fit.

If you are lucky to have that active breed, then consider incorporating vigorous exercise in their routine. One great concern about indoor activities is that, it wise to be mindful about the climatic conditions around your zone. For very hot areas, it smart to keep your dog hydrated while in colder areas consider introducing more indoor activities.

5. Let Your Dog Socialize With Other Dogs

Dogs are also social animal, and so there is need to boost their social skills. This can be done by taking them for dog park visits, play dates, usual walks etc. Researches have shown that dogs can develop excellent coping skills when they socialize more. When your dog gets more opportunities to socialize, he will be less likely to get out of control even when he is out with other dogs. 

As a dog owner, if you can manage to observe the above fundamental guidelines, then you will be at a better chance to keep your dog healthy and also physically fit.

The 4 Prime Reasons Why You Need To Train Your Dog

There are certain behaviors every dog owner wants to see in his or her dog. For this to be attained, there is a need to train your dog in the best way possible. Unfortunately, most dog owners tend to assume that one day they will wake up and find their dogs behaving in the way they ever dreamt about. This will not happen unless training sessions are initiated.

A dog or any other pet that we keep in our compounds is necessarily meant to bring about joy, a sense of pride, and more so for companionship. To experience all this and have a great time with your dog, there is a need to train your pup. A dog which is not well trained tends to be stubborn and can be disastrous.

So, no matter the dog’s behavior, dog or breed, every dog owner and also the dog itself can significantly benefit from simple training or commands it can learn. But even though this might look like a hassle to many dog owners, there are countless benefits to training your pup and here are just but a few.

1. Training Benefits Both The Owner And Dog Itself

Most of us may tend to think that when we train our dogs, they are the only that benefits. This is not true since we as the dog owners also reap the reward, especially when we manage to instill good behaviors on our dogs. Simply by working with your pup, you stand a better chance to understand all its needs. This will in return make it easy to correct the behaviors you don’t want and train on which you desire, and this makes you a good dog owner

In addition, training your dog can also act as a great source of exercise which will open up to new possibilities for you as the owner. So the better your dog behaves, the easier and convenient it becomes to take it along wherever you decide to go.

2. For Dog’s Safety Purposes

Research has shown that if you can control your dog with just a voice command, the better since you will be able to protect her even when unrestrained especially in public sites. Also, a pup that normally bolts when off its leash is most likely to run in front of a moving car or just slip out of your front door before you are not even ready to take off.

Also, a well-trained dog will be easy to associate with especially if you have a large family since it can obey the directives. This is the same case that will be observed for a new dog at a particular family or that which needs shelter, or any other assistance form her usual handler.

3. Training Creates A More Sociable Dog

There is nothing which brings pride to a dog owner than having that pup that knows boundaries, exercise respect, and behave well especially in social places. In fact, such a dog will make the people and other dogs around more comfortable and also feel at ease around her. This will also create a healthy and positive interaction between your dog and the people around since everyone will be looking for a chance to interact with her, unlike a wild one.

Of interest to note as a dog owner is that, if your dog starts to enjoy some of these social encounters, he will tend to be more manageable and relaxed with each interaction.

4. It Makes Boarding Your Dog Go Smoothly

A dog increased sociability becomes even more critical when it time for her to board with your friends or any other person who might offer to take her out for a walk especially when you are out of town.

A dog needs to learn to obey the owner’s command, but it even more important if a dog can as well obey other family member commands, especially when you are not around. This is one of the signs of a well or successfully trained dog. So if you don’t want to cut your lovely vacation short, then consider training your pup to interact freely with people especially members of your family.

Considering the above benefits, there is no doubt that training plays a very significant role in the life of your dog. So, as a dog owner, its high time, you should consider training your dog for a great future experience.

Rascal’s Story:

Rascal, a 7-year old American Bulldog, was surrendered to EARS on June 13. When he arrived at EARS, Rascal was more than 40 lbs. under weight, his eyes and ears were in fected and he has small tumors on his eyelid and foot.

The initial exam by veterinarian Dr. Steve Groves, revealed that Rascal had had several urinary tract infections that had not been treated. The infections caused leakage that ate away some paw pads, causing Rascal to bleed when he walks.

Dr. Groves recommends additional tests to determine the full extent of Rascal’s health problems including: full blood panels, x-rays to make sure he does not have cancer, organ failure or any other serious condition.

Surgery is required to remove the small tumors. We knew Rascal was in dire straits and that taking him in would be expensive. But, how could we turn our backs on this wonderful dog who has suffered so much yet has remained sweet and loving? What could we do? We gave Rascal sanctuary and he is being fostered by EARS’ Pet Store staff.

Come meet Rascal at our Pet Store and judge whether we made the right choice. What can you do? Help us help Rascal by donating in Rascal’s name either to EARS or to the Groves Veterinary Clinic. We will keep you posted on Rascal’s progress.


Pierre was a stray on the streets of Punta Gorda, Florida, often dining on leftovers at the back door of The Perfect Caper Restaurant.  Owners, James and Jeanie Roland, were quick to come to Pierre’s rescue, when he was hit by a car and left to die.

Though he lost an eye in the accident, Pierre regained his health after lengthy medical treatment. However, his FIV-positive diagnosis made his future uncertain. James and Jeanie couldn’t take him home to their own three healthy cats, yet it was obvious that Pierre would make someone a wonderful pet.  Pierre stayed with Jeanie’s Mom, while they searched for a home for him.  Finally, James called EARS for help. EARS Executive Director, Jim North, took Pierre to the office and began the process of searching for a home. Unfortunately, no one was interested in an FIV cat, even though Pierre is healthy and shows no signs of the disease.  Pierre now resides permanently at the EARS office, where he greets visitors and hides office supplies from the staff.

Pierre’s story defines the mission of EARS – to rescue, care for and prevent cruelty to all domestic animals until they are adopted or live out their natural lives.  One day Pierre will either find a special home, or he will live in the new sanctuary with other special needs kitties.  In the meantime, he is the icon for many of EARS’ activities and events.  You will see Pierre’s one-eyed likeness in many places around the website.

Kats by Kids Art Event

Artist Nancy Colby spearheaded a group of art classes for Englewood area youngsters in late February.  Students took classes on Friday or Saturday, Feb. 27 and 28, learning how to paint cats from the master.  On Sunday, March 1, the students were honored at an awards event, where they received certificates from Mrs. Colby and along with their parents, enjoyed a barbeque supper.  The students’ art was displayed for all to enjoy.  Artist Harmony Poire and fellow Englewood artists hosted this event on the grounds of her studio in Englewood. 

Kats by Kids is an example of EARS outreach to the community.