Rascal’s Story:

Rascal, a 7-year old American Bulldog, was surrendered to EARS on June 13. When he arrived at EARS, Rascal was more than 40 lbs. under weight, his eyes and ears were in fected and he has small tumors on his eyelid and foot.

The initial exam by veterinarian Dr. Steve Groves, revealed that Rascal had had several urinary tract infections that had not been treated. The infections caused leakage that ate away some paw pads, causing Rascal to bleed when he walks.

Dr. Groves recommends additional tests to determine the full extent of Rascal’s health problems including: full blood panels, x-rays to make sure he does not have cancer, organ failure or any other serious condition.

Surgery is required to remove the small tumors. We knew Rascal was in dire straits and that taking him in would be expensive. But, how could we turn our backs on this wonderful dog who has suffered so much yet has remained sweet and loving? What could we do? We gave Rascal sanctuary and he is being fostered by EARS’ Pet Store staff.

Come meet Rascal at our Pet Store and judge whether we made the right choice. What can you do? Help us help Rascal by donating in Rascal’s name either to EARS or to the Groves Veterinary Clinic. We will keep you posted on Rascal’s progress.


Pierre was a stray on the streets of Punta Gorda, Florida, often dining on leftovers at the back door of The Perfect Caper Restaurant.  Owners, James and Jeanie Roland, were quick to come to Pierre’s rescue, when he was hit by a car and left to die.

Though he lost an eye in the accident, Pierre regained his health after lengthy medical treatment. However, his FIV-positive diagnosis made his future uncertain. James and Jeanie couldn’t take him home to their own three healthy cats, yet it was obvious that Pierre would make someone a wonderful pet.  Pierre stayed with Jeanie’s Mom, while they searched for a home for him.  Finally, James called EARS for help. EARS Executive Director, Jim North, took Pierre to the office and began the process of searching for a home. Unfortunately, no one was interested in an FIV cat, even though Pierre is healthy and shows no signs of the disease.  Pierre now resides permanently at the EARS office, where he greets visitors and hides office supplies from the staff.

Pierre’s story defines the mission of EARS – to rescue, care for and prevent cruelty to all domestic animals until they are adopted or live out their natural lives.  One day Pierre will either find a special home, or he will live in the new sanctuary with other special needs kitties.  In the meantime, he is the icon for many of EARS’ activities and events.  You will see Pierre’s one-eyed likeness in many places around the website.

Kats by Kids Art Event

Artist Nancy Colby spearheaded a group of art classes for Englewood area youngsters in late February.  Students took classes on Friday or Saturday, Feb. 27 and 28, learning how to paint cats from the master.  On Sunday, March 1, the students were honored at an awards event, where they received certificates from Mrs. Colby and along with their parents, enjoyed a barbeque supper.  The students’ art was displayed for all to enjoy.  Artist Harmony Poire and fellow Englewood artists hosted this event on the grounds of her studio in Englewood. 

Kats by Kids is an example of EARS outreach to the community.