The 5 Excellent Ways To Keep Your Dog Fit And Healthy

You will be surprised to find that most dog owners find their pups huggable and cute when they are fat and chubby. In fact, some will even brag of how their dogs have great looks. This might be a joy which will only last for few months after which their dogs will start struggling with obesity among other food-related disorders.

As a pet owner, it’s important to note that eating heavily is different from active appetite. So, when your pup has a great appetite, this does not mean that he is already in a good health condition. 

Your dog will depend on you for almost everything to live a healthy and happy life. So it upon you to be on the lookout especially on the dog’s body language and signal since they will help you know what your pup needs at a given time.  

So, if you are looking forward to raising a healthy and happy dog which will always be in great shape, then consider following these fundamental guidelines.

1. Provide Your Dog A Well-Balanced, Nutritious Diet

As a dog owner, if you are looking forward to having a healthy and physically fit dog, then you should provide her with a nutritious diet. A perfect diet should be that which mimics their natural feeding habits in the wild like the raw food formulas.  

These primal formulas are rich in proteins and are capable of providing your dog with enough amino acids, calcium, active enzymes, and fatty acids, which are vital for healthy growth. Furthermore, if you are planning to include raw food to your pet’s food, then consider checking a transition guide which is a helpful tool in making a healthy and safe swap.

2. Engage Your Dog In Daily Training And interactive Play

This is one of the most excellent ways you should put into place if you want your pup to remain healthy and fit. This can be done by introducing stimulating toys like the puzzle ball that holds some treats. This way, you will be able to keep your dog occupied when you are not around. It will also help your dog exercise more just within the house.

Also, maintaining a daily training routine is an excellent way to ensure that the commands remain fresh in the mind of your dog. In fact, a repetitive command will help in creating a strong bond between you and your dog, foster clear communication and also build positive behavioral traits.

3. Take Your Yet For Annual Check-ups

The same way we as human go for medical check-ups, this is the same case which should happen with our dog. This way, we will be able to keep our dogs up to date with all the required boosters, vaccines, and physical examinations. A check-up will give you that peace of mind that your pup is still in full shape condition.

Furthermore, a Vet should be the only person who should guide you on the best physical exercise that suites best your dog and the best diet you should offer to your lovely pet.

4. Take Your Dog Outside And Exercise

 Every time you take your pup outdoor, you will notice how much he blossoms with joy as he enjoys and explores the world. Of importance to note is that, before embarking on any activity, it is crucial to check on how much exercise a given breed needs per day. This way, you will be able to know the amount of exercises your pup need to remain fit.

If you are lucky to have that active breed, then consider incorporating vigorous exercise in their routine. One great concern about indoor activities is that, it wise to be mindful about the climatic conditions around your zone. For very hot areas, it smart to keep your dog hydrated while in colder areas consider introducing more indoor activities.

5. Let Your Dog Socialize With Other Dogs

Dogs are also social animal, and so there is need to boost their social skills. This can be done by taking them for dog park visits, play dates, usual walks etc. Researches have shown that dogs can develop excellent coping skills when they socialize more. When your dog gets more opportunities to socialize, he will be less likely to get out of control even when he is out with other dogs. 

As a dog owner, if you can manage to observe the above fundamental guidelines, then you will be at a better chance to keep your dog healthy and also physically fit.